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Class org.apache.soap.rpc.RPCMessage


public class RPCMessage
extends Object
implements Serializer
An RPCMessage is the base class that Call and Response extend from. Any work that is common to both Call and Response is done here.

Matthew J. Duftler (, Sanjiva Weerawarana (

Variable Index

 o encodingStyleURI
 o fullTargetObjectURI
 o header
 o methodName
 o params
 o targetObjectURI

Constructor Index

 o RPCMessage(String, String, Vector, Header, String)

Method Index

 o buildEnvelope(boolean)
 o extractFromEnvelope(Envelope, boolean, SOAPMappingRegistry)
 o getEncodingStyleURI()
 o getFullTargetObjectURI()
 o getHeader()
 o getMethodName()
 o getParams()
 o getTargetObjectURI()
 o marshall(String, Class, Object, Object, Writer, NSStack, XMLJavaMappingRegistry)
 o setEncodingStyleURI(String)
 o setHeader(Header)
 o setMethodName(String)
 o setParams(Vector)
 o setTargetObjectURI(String)
 o toString()
 o unmarshall(String, Node, Class, SOAPMappingRegistry)


 o targetObjectURI
 protected String targetObjectURI
 o fullTargetObjectURI
 protected String fullTargetObjectURI
 o methodName
 protected String methodName
 o params
 protected Vector params
 o header
 protected Header header
 o encodingStyleURI
 protected String encodingStyleURI


 o RPCMessage
 protected RPCMessage(String targetObjectURI,
                      String methodName,
                      Vector params,
                      Header header,
                      String encodingStyleURI)


 o setTargetObjectURI
 public void setTargetObjectURI(String targetObjectURI)
 o getTargetObjectURI
 public String getTargetObjectURI()
 o getFullTargetObjectURI
 public String getFullTargetObjectURI()
 o setMethodName
 public void setMethodName(String methodName)
 o getMethodName
 public String getMethodName()
 o setParams
 public void setParams(Vector params)
 o getParams
 public Vector getParams()
 o setHeader
 public void setHeader(Header header)
 o getHeader
 public Header getHeader()
 o setEncodingStyleURI
 public void setEncodingStyleURI(String encodingStyleURI)
 o getEncodingStyleURI
 public String getEncodingStyleURI()
 o buildEnvelope
 protected Envelope buildEnvelope(boolean isResponse)
 o extractFromEnvelope
 protected static RPCMessage extractFromEnvelope(Envelope env,
                                                 boolean isResponse,
                                                 SOAPMappingRegistry smr) throws IllegalArgumentException
 o marshall
 public void marshall(String inScopeEncStyle,
                      Class javaType,
                      Object src,
                      Object context,
                      Writer sink,
                      NSStack nsStack,
                      XMLJavaMappingRegistry xjmr) throws IllegalArgumentException, IOException
 o unmarshall
 public static RPCMessage unmarshall(String inScopeEncStyle,
                                     Node src,
                                     Class toClass,
                                     SOAPMappingRegistry smr) throws IllegalArgumentException
 o toString
 public String toString()
toString in class Object

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