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Class org.apache.soap.rpc.Parameter


public class Parameter
extends Object
A Parameter represents an argument to an RPC call. Parameter objects are used by both the client and the server.

Matthew J. Duftler (, Sanjiva Weerawarana (

Constructor Index

 o Parameter(String, Class, Object, String)

Method Index

 o getEncodingStyleURI()
 o getName()
 o getType()
 o getValue()
 o setEncodingStyleURI(String)
 o setName(String)
 o setType(Class)
 o setValue(Object)
 o toString()


 o Parameter
 public Parameter(String name,
                  Class type,
                  Object value,
                  String encodingStyleURI)


 o setName
 public void setName(String name)
 o getName
 public String getName()
 o setType
 public void setType(Class type)
 o getType
 public Class getType()
 o setValue
 public void setValue(Object value)
 o getValue
 public Object getValue()
 o setEncodingStyleURI
 public void setEncodingStyleURI(String encodingStyleURI)
 o getEncodingStyleURI
 public String getEncodingStyleURI()
 o toString
 public String toString()
toString in class Object

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