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Class org.apache.soap.rpc.Call


public class Call
extends RPCMessage
A Call object represents an RPC call. Both the client and the server use Call objects to invoke the method.

Matthew J. Duftler (, Sanjiva Weerawarana (

Constructor Index

 o Call()
 o Call(String, String, Vector, Header, String)

Method Index

 o buildEnvelope()
 o extractFromEnvelope(Envelope, SOAPMappingRegistry)
 o getSOAPMappingRegistry()
 o getSOAPTransport()
 o getTimeout()
 o invoke(URL, String)
Invoke this call at the specified URL.
 o setSOAPMappingRegistry(SOAPMappingRegistry)
 o setSOAPTransport(SOAPTransport)
 o setTimeout(int)


 o Call
 public Call()
 o Call
 public Call(String targetObjectURI,
             String methodName,
             Vector params,
             Header header,
             String encodingStyleURI)


 o setSOAPMappingRegistry
 public void setSOAPMappingRegistry(SOAPMappingRegistry smr)
 o getSOAPMappingRegistry
 public SOAPMappingRegistry getSOAPMappingRegistry()
 o setSOAPTransport
 public void setSOAPTransport(SOAPTransport st)
 o getSOAPTransport
 public SOAPTransport getSOAPTransport()
 o setTimeout
 public void setTimeout(int _timeout)
 o getTimeout
 public int getTimeout()
 o buildEnvelope
 public Envelope buildEnvelope()
 o extractFromEnvelope
 public static Call extractFromEnvelope(Envelope env,
                                        SOAPMappingRegistry smr) throws IllegalArgumentException
 o invoke
 public Response invoke(URL url,
                        String SOAPActionURI) throws SOAPException
Invoke this call at the specified URL. Valid only on the client side.

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