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Class org.apache.soap.encoding.literalxml.XMLParameterSerializer


public class XMLParameterSerializer
extends Object
implements Serializer, Deserializer
An XMLParameterSerializer is used to serialize and deserialize parameters using the literal xml encoding style. This class is only capable of serializing/deserializing parameters of type org.w3c.dom.Element.

Matthew J. Duftler (, Sanjiva Weerawarana (

Constructor Index

 o XMLParameterSerializer()

Method Index

 o marshall(String, Class, Object, Object, Writer, NSStack, XMLJavaMappingRegistry)
 o unmarshall(String, QName, Node, XMLJavaMappingRegistry)


 o XMLParameterSerializer
 public XMLParameterSerializer()


 o marshall
 public void marshall(String inScopeEncStyle,
                      Class javaType,
                      Object src,
                      Object context,
                      Writer sink,
                      NSStack nsStack,
                      XMLJavaMappingRegistry xjmr) throws IllegalArgumentException, IOException
 o unmarshall
 public Bean unmarshall(String inScopeEncStyle,
                        QName elementType,
                        Node src,
                        XMLJavaMappingRegistry xjmr) throws IllegalArgumentException

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