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Class org.apache.soap.Body


public class Body
extends Object
A Body object represents the contents and semantics of a <SOAP-ENV:Body> element.

Matthew J. Duftler (, Sanjiva Weerawarana (

Constructor Index

 o Body()

Method Index

 o declareNamespace(String, String)
 o getAttribute(QName)
 o getBodyEntries()
 o marshall(String, Writer, NSStack, XMLJavaMappingRegistry)
 o removeAttribute(QName)
 o setAttribute(QName, String)
 o setBodyEntries(Vector)
 o toString()
 o unmarshall(Node)


 o Body
 public Body()


 o setAttribute
 public void setAttribute(QName attrQName,
                          String value)
 o getAttribute
 public String getAttribute(QName attrQName)
 o removeAttribute
 public void removeAttribute(QName attrQName)
 o declareNamespace
 public void declareNamespace(String nsPrefix,
                              String namespaceURI)
 o setBodyEntries
 public void setBodyEntries(Vector bodyEntries)
 o getBodyEntries
 public Vector getBodyEntries()
 o marshall
 public void marshall(String inScopeEncStyle,
                      Writer sink,
                      NSStack nsStack,
                      XMLJavaMappingRegistry xjmr) throws IllegalArgumentException, IOException
 o unmarshall
 public static Body unmarshall(Node src) throws IllegalArgumentException
 o toString
 public String toString()
toString in class Object

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